An Intense Life

An Intense Life

Kindred spirits

Reading this blog is like breathing in the air of a summer forest just after the rain lifted!


2 thoughts on “An Intense Life

  1. agreed! i just discovered and love this one. i’m enjoying yours as well. 🙂 i also just started my own, though it’s sort of in its infancy. i’m aspiring to be a “life coach” for gifted women (or men, really) who feel stuck in their lives or careers (like i had been for far too long). i just discovered the gifted-adult identity in the past few months, and it has totally rocked my world for the better. i want to reach others who need their worlds rocked in the same way. aaaanyway, that’s probably too much information… but thanks for all the wonderful information on your site. it’s much appreciated.

    • Thank you!

      After 43 years as an outsider it is more than a tad surreal to now discover that there are others like me out there! I think that the long-dead Dabrowski has just about saved my life, at least whatever’s left of my sanity 😉

      I look forward to reading through your blog and all the rest of the incredible amount of to-the-point information available on the www!

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