Giftedness, trauma, and polyvagal theory

I found this post so interesting that I have done some more research on the Polyvagal Theory. Now I find it even MORE interesting! This explains a lot!

Too Gifted

There might be similar causes for giftedness, autism, adult neurological disease, and trauma. 

I’m starting to think some genetically/epigenetically sensitive people are more prone to trauma from “everyday” life events, such as birth interventions, family stress, and life stress. Moreover, sensitive people tend to have more difficulties in life, which can then be traumatic and further increase trauma in a vicious cycle. 

These people can also be more likely to be highly gifted, perhaps from elevated glutamate/GABA levels, which could be involved in memory. Amy Yasko talks about theories of high intelligence in people on the autism spectrum and the association of intelligence and autism. 

Anecdotally, many gifted people I know experience autism spectrum problems, with the degree of problems seemingly related to the degree of giftedness. Many of them also deal with fatigue, OCD, and other problems. I suspect that many have MTHFR and other methylation mutations. 

This correlation…

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