What? I’m So Weird Because I’m Highly Gifted?

If only I could get some of the people in my life to read and understand this…

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All my life, I have felt different, weird, not like other people. I knew I was smart, I wore my heart on my sleeve, I handled criticism very badly, and I thought about more things, more deeply than most people around me. But, I didn’t know why. And then, a year or two ago, I found a label that fits. And I still can’t believe it.

It turns out that I am highly gifted with underachievement issues stemming from Overexcitabilities, Perfectionism, multipotentiality, lazy work habits due to being under-challenged as a child, and Imposter Syndrome.

I first suspected after reading the following in “The 10 most commonly asked questions about highly gifted children” by Kathi Kearney:

  • Many gifted adults today have long had a nagging sense that they were “different” or didn’t fit in a school, but did not know the reason why.
  • For…

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