Fostering Adult Giftedness

Fostering Adult Giftedness

One of the links from the brief article below leads to this gem.

Dabrowski identified 5 areas of intensity — Psychomotor, Sensual, Intellectual, Imaginational, and Emotional. A person may possess one or more of these OEs. Individuals with these characteristics view the world through a different lens. 

They are often perceived as people who overreact or are just too intense. It is this turbulent, complex and rich inner experience that can be a blessing or a burden to the intense, gifted person and those around them.”

“They are out of sync. Feelings of alienation and misinterpretation are experienced by both the overexcitable and the non-overexcitable individual within a relationship. This mismatch within a family or at work, or in personal relationships can lead to difficulties including:

    * Mutual respect, credibility, and understanding may be hard to establish or maintain because there is a lack of shared experience or reality.
    * Finding a common language to describe experience and express needs is difficult and takes a great deal of work.
    * Others may be perceived as warped or psychologically damaged and thus incapable of holding up their part of a relationship.
    * Values may differ greatly creating fractures in a relationship.
    * Finding common areas of interest or passion may be difficult.”


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