Review of _Square Peg_ by L. Todd Rose

“Take a plank of wood. Say it is twelve feet long and a foot wide. Put it on the ground. Walk from one end to the other, without stepping off. Easy, right? Now, string that plank between two adjacent buildings, say, fifty stories up. I’ll even give you a nice, calm day. Okay, now walk. Go ahead, just toodle across there. What’s wrong with you? You did the same exact task down there on the ground! You’re just not trying hard enough.”

Attention Deficit Whatever

squarepeg-8-8-VER-8-198x300Square Peg

L. Todd Rose

with Katherine Ellison


Book drawing here.


ADHDer’s have trouble fitting into an executive functioning world. L. Todd Rose makes this point throughout his book Square Peg: My Story and What it Means for Raising Innovators, Visionaries, & Out-of-the-Box Thinkers. Readers of this blog will know my own experience in illfittedness. But, being it’s my blog and all, I shall explicate.

How about a top ten list? Too many? Five, then.

1. I grade papers well sitting down with a student. On my own: procrastination followed by panicked overwork.

2. Bills never get paid on time if I have to write a check and mail something.  Even when there’s plenty of money.

3. I am good at developing basic competence in many new endeavors.  I am terrible at actually accomplishing anything with said competence.

4. I am extremely good at finding time…

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