ADHD in Adults The Invisible Rhinoceros

ADHD in Adults The Invisible Rhinoceros

“Patients with depression that is parisito-morbid to ADHD often, when asked, do not express the global existential features of major depression, but rather feel that if their frustrated attempts to accomplish certain goals were met with a degree of success commensurate with their innate abilities (e.g., intelligence) and the effort they are putting forth, they would not feel depressed. Sometimes this can become apparent by asking a few well selected questions. For example, “If you did not have the difficulty you are experiencing (keeping a job, succeeding in school, passing your board exams, etc.), do you think you would still feel as depressed as you do now?””

“people whose anxiety is derived from their ADHD tend not to be generalized worriers and may be quite positive in outlook on the whole, but will have fairly circumscribed worry directed at some productivity demand placed upon them (e.g., school, work, etc.). Rather than an unrealistic worry, their apprehension stems from an implicit or explicit awareness of their ADHD-related limitations. The student with ADHD will become anxious about school, the employee about work. Furthermore, episodes of anxiety will commonly arise at times of increased demand or expectations (e.g., following a promotion).”


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