Some good news

Today I’ve seen the therapist again, after almost a month off. The ADHD assessment shows some clear symptoms in the areas of impulsivity and executive function, but I don’t quite meet the rest of the criteria. To be on the safe side, we went through a checklist for personality traits today. This, incidentally, was what I was referred for two years ago (things take time!) by my GP. I found the checklist strange, there were so many instances where my response was: “No! Rather the opposite!”. Then it turned out those things were on the list of symptoms of narcissism, or antisocial behaviour…

My total score for personality disorders was a big, fat 0.

There were only three questions that I could say “yes” to, two concerning impulsivity, and one about unstable sense of self. That makes perfect sense to me, given my history.

All that remains now is one more session to talk out my childhood, probably mainly about all the years of bullying. The therapist has already referred me to a neuro-psychologist, who will do the final assessment. Apparently, part of this assessment is a test of abilities, or what people in other countries (less egalitarian societies) would term IQ. Whoopie! Finally!


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