Unrecognized Giftedness: The Frustrating Case of the Gifted Adult

Unrecognized Giftedness: The Frustrating Case of the Gifted Adult

The beginning of this article is confusing and hard to get through, but there is gold to come, just keep reading:

where employment is concerned, gifted adults exhibit an intensity, an insistence on the integrity to do the work at its best, as well as chronic impatience with shoddy work and slow thinkers. 

Gifted adults work too quickly, get bored, and show it. They raise the standards for everyone else, and that is always resented. They have odd approaches to things, which irritates their coworkers. They ask for more work and make enemies. 

The idealism of the young person is still there, and can cause problems with authority figures or with fellow executives. In addition, the bright mind has difficulty in accepting the illogical and may be very stubborn in expressing doubts about a project or in criticizing others. 

And yet, because of heightened sensitivity, this same person may be unusually vulnerable to peer group rejection. College degree or not, gifted adults carry around in their feisty minds questions the boos cannot answer . 

And sometimes they threaten the boss, because that odd approach turns out to be better than the boss’s idea.

Which is why, when the downsizing begins; and this is not a new phenomenon, the smartest employees are often the first to go.”


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