While on holiday, I received a phone call from my psychologist (or psychiatric nurse, to be correct) informing me that the tests I went through with a neuropsychologist had confirmed what the preliminary interviews and comparative information had revealed, so the team had agreed that I actually DO have ADHD. Somewhere, buried among other information, were also the words: “falls within the gifted spectrum”.

I have only told those closest to me so far, as I do not have written confirmation yet, but I feel so relieved to now know for sure that I’m not just a big-headed git shirking responsibilities, and that I have not been pretending to be anything I’m not. 

I AM gifted, and I HAVE got ADHD, and if the two of them have interacted to hide eachother in the past, those days are over!

I have a lot more to say about this, but there’s a bit too much going on in my life to concentrate for the time being, so I’ll be back with more once things settle down a bit.


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