Learning Disabilities and The Gifted – Learning disability Syndrome

Learning Disabilities and The Gifted – Learning disability Syndrome

Finally, someone taking the combination of giftedness and learning disabilities seriously!

Watching this video, and the second one that follows it, had me up half the night. I like how they look critically at the bases for what are defined as “learning disorders” and question the assumptions at large, but that makes it quite curious that they hold up their own specialty, psychotherapy, as “fact”.

Both videos are a curious mixture of highly interesting perspectives and insights that could prove very valuable, and a strange confession of faith that makes the hairs on my back stand up in protest.

It seems to me as if they go a bit too far in implying that learning disorders are “just psychological”, denying any neurochemistry/neurobiology, despite freely admitting that there is way too much available research to go through in order to separate the fiction from the facts. I would be very much surprised if they were right in thinking that dyslexia and dyscalculia are not manifestations of physical differences in the brain.

Both speakers, however, talk about the possibility that giftedness in itself could offset behaviours that are not conductive to learning or getting the best possible results in school. This is probably an extremely important observation that warrants more research, as there is hardly any knowledge out there, even in the gifted communities, about the effects of having such a different brain. The psychological pain gifted children and adults go through on account of perceiving the differences yet not understanding or appreciating them, can be very, very detrimental. Like it was said: observing that your brain makes huge leaps of understanding, and allows you to wing your way through what others have to work hard for, and having no idea WHY this happens is hard!


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