1-tweet stories

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway (“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”) and a Quora question, I have set myself a challenge of posting a new story on twitter every day. An entire story, told in just one 140-character tweet. For someone who always exceeds word limits, this is quite difficult, and I’m sure it will be a good learning experience, so I really hope I can stick it out for at least 30 days.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

Here are the stories I’ve made so far:

  1. I made love to my husband. Tears rolled, and sobs racked my body as I realized he had sex with me.
  2. ”Where do you think daddy is?” My phone transmits a little girl’s silent scream. “So, what do you want to talk about now, mommy?”
  3. A message from HIM? Positive? Or negative? Or worse: neutral? Wait, the message changes? Drats, I can’t read it knowing I’m dreaming!
  4. “I am so useless!” she said in the car. But the way her friend’s face lit up when she opened the door showed us the truth.
  5. My child is in 1000 pieces, in a box. A week from now, I’ll see her, flat on a table, but still running through the snow of the puzzle.
  6. That wrongful acquittal ruined everything, but you just don’t expect a “not guilty” after carefully killing your husband.
  7. “Look at the dandelion pushing through concrete, all that can be achieved with effort!” “Did you see all the dead ones underneath?
  8. I understood that I had never really loved him when I saw him fail. His imperfection made him so real, I fell in love again. Harder.
  9. He braked frantically. “What kind of idiot bars a road with four unmarked poles?” Then the lights hit higher, on the body of the moose.
  10. After wondering for months, our eyes met for the first time, and all I could think was: “But I know you!”
  11. The light hit the most gorgeous of flowers, so its shadow fell on an ant who immediately felt offended and loudly complained.
  12. Couple, conjugated: To live, laughs, loved, has left.We kn
  13. We knew all those people who never came back, and yet, I denied you that kiss.
  14. They called us “gifted”, as if there was no expense draining our very essence of being, no social cost, no identity to use as currency.
  15. The full 1003 passed, and still their eyes were locked. The information thus amassed quite frankly had me… not all that surprised.
  16. Falling always hurts, sometimes a lot. That’s why she decided never again to fall in love. She jumped!
  17. He knew his daughter could not face another rejection, so she kept the application a secret. The acceptance letter came the day after her suicide note.
  18. How could a few steps change him from just a flirt into the man who saw through me, and liked it all? In his arms, I just knew.
  19. It might have been the best thing that never happened to me.

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