The other gifted adult

Someone like me…

patchwork poppies

 photo e05cb0cc-7984-4416-aea7-8ea4715b8a2e_zps93fdd636.jpg(photo by, Tony Hisgett)

This might resonate more to those that feel they never quite lived up to what they knew was their potential. There are gifted individuals that are fortunate to live a life where their traits and talents have allowed them to flourish.  They have their (very well deserved, hard earned and respected) paper degrees and their dream careers. Then there are those who are still struggling with where their traits and talents should have gotten them as an adult.  The “other” gifted. The one who doesn’t have the paper degree and career to show for.  Or maybe you do have a paper degree and a career to show for but it might be worthless to you and its not your dream career – you feel lost and frustrated. You’re the one who is still searching and striving to feel accepted and have worth in this world… I…

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