Dear Gifted Child

As I am debating with myself whether or not to share this on facebook, I am furious with myself for even hesitating!

Did I not promise to stay true to my nature, and stand proud with all my differences, having paid the high price over and over and over again?

Did I not vow to fight for my child, and for other children like her, who have the right to be who they are, despite falling outside the norm enforced by society?

Have I not educated myself on neurology, psychology, sociology and more in order to weed out the myths that get in the way of the real research?

Do I not KNOW for a fact that a great majority of my friends think that the whole term “gifted” is nauseatingly pretentious, just like the majority of people who are not my friends?

Have I not passed a harrowing week struggling to adjust my vocabulary and vast thinking scapes to a group that did not share any of the gifted characteristics, knowing not one of them had any idea how hard that was for me, since none of them ever had to adjust to being surrounded by shallower people?

How can I shirk my responsibility to fight the good fight now?

Perhaps because I was that child. I am still that child. In most settings, I am just as misunderstood and judged as the child you address here. But only one of my many teachers has ever expressed any remorse for not recognizing this quirk. I do appreciate hearing that, but it does not make a lot of difference 35 years later…

Lisa Swaboda is Atlas Educational

Dear Gifted Child,

I know this comes as too little too late, but I still feel the need to apologize to you. I hope you can forgive me. I now realize how much I let you down. It’s no excuse, but I can now admit that I did what I did because I wanted to fit in. I thought I’d found my place at the time. All I can offer is….

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that by asking you to redo work over and over due to careless mistakes that I was doing you a disservice. I thought I was helping you to think more (even though as a child myself- I was frustrated the same way).

I didn’t know that by asking you to work in a group without easing you into expectations and supporting you with social skills, I was increasing the pressure you already felt (even…

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