Counting spoons

This is not strictly along the usual lines of my posts here, but there are more than one reason for including it, anyway:
You already know that I am cognitively demanding, otherwise known as “gifted”
You also already know that I have ADHD

You may not know that my life is greatly affected by Fibromyalgia (and what looks like some ME to boost) and arthrosis. When I share Christine’s explanation, it mostly relates to the chronic pain and the even more chronic level of utter exhaustion.

But some days, I also suddenly run out of “Gifted”-spoons! When yet another person misunderstands my intentions, or it becomes apparent that nobody else are even close to grasping the scope of my ideas. When I forget to “dumb down” my speech, meet blank stares, and just get so TIRED of having to translate that I cannot find the energy to try again.

And some days, it is my ADHD that forces me to realize that the number of available spoons is dangerously low. Like stressing to get to the gynaecologist on time, and then, as I catch my breath, be told that I was supposed to be there yesterday, not today… That’s when I get so despaired over what my future will look like that I struggle getting back home and putting my life together again enough to dare try living. (OK, so perhaps that foresight is typically gifted, but KNOWING and thoroughly UNDERSTANDING what ADHD is, and how it affects me, is also a factor that uses lots and lots of spoons).

So there you go, those are my motives for sharing this with you:The Spoon Theory


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