DoodleIt’s not about a number, there’s no competition, and one score does not carry greater value than another.

People are different, and that’s a good thing!

Trying to force sqare pegs into round holes damages both peg, hole and everything around it.

If we were all the same, all round pegs, there would be nothing holding us together.

Why not be snowflakes? Every single one unique, every single one beautiful, even though some are extremely complex, some simple, and some asymmetrical.

Having extended cognitive abilities does not make you better than anyone. Nor does it make you any worse. But it does make you measurably different from 98 % of the population. Speed, ease of problemsolving and learning, and a good memory are well known consequences. But few seem to understand how this ability just automatically brings about deeper thoughts. Ironically, a “high” IQ may have more to do with depth than height.


9 thoughts on “About

    • It flew into our window one autumn day, and my daughter brought it in. It was still alive, but struggled to breathe. She held it as it died, and this picture is taken just after it expired.

      I find the perfection of that duying creature a poignant contrast to my daughter’s nail polish and rough cuticles, and the tenderness and sorrow that this overexcitable little girl shared seems to me to be a message of hope.

  1. Ah, too bad the little girl had to experience that. I held a dying bird in hand, a Junco, It had been attacked by a cat. For me, it belied the random cruelty of life.

    • Of course!

      I am glad she got to experience it, actually. The fragility of life is a lesson everyone needs to learn, and it gets harder to stomach the longer it is put off. Also, this bird was the first death she witnessed (except, perhaps, some fish?), yet it was an animal she had no prior bond to, unlike a pet in every way as it soared freely in the skies until just before it ended its life in the caring hands of something completely unfamiliar.

      The ground was frozen, so we could not bury it that same day. We ended up keeping it in a plastic bag in the freezer for 8 months, taking it out several times so she could show it to people, stroke the silky feathers and examine the amazing markings on the wings. Then the bird got a beautiful grave with flowers and everything. All in all a very valuable learning experience.

  2. As to my previous comment, life is random and cruel, it is survival and reproduction, the directive is hardwired in the DNA of all living things. Anything that strikes one as beautiful in nature, got that way for the purpose of the directive.

    • And that purpose makes it even more beautiful! The random changes that produce an advantage or disadvantage, or both, simultaneously, are a fantastic feature of evolution and the experience of life.

  3. Wow, you really are a half-full kind of person! I’m happy for you, that you can find beauty in evolution. I see life as the content of one big petri dish, a part of one huge cosmic experiment. Sigh, but i guess that’s the way I am hardwired to see it….

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